Shoe Restoration and Dry Cleaning under the one box

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Shoe repairs or shoe restoration and dry cleaning under the one box

The coming of a New Year provides the perfect time to have your shoes restored, repaired, re-soled or simply rejuvenated ready for the year ahead.  What a great way to start the year with having your favourite work or going out shoes brought back to life!

After a year of use at work, in the school yard, on the sports field or simply hitting the pavement in your favourite, cause wear and tear on your shoes.  Leather shoes often come out of the factories with wooden soles and these can wear down quickly and can then absorb water through the sole when walking in the rain.  This can be particularly annoying in major cities such as Melbourne where walking to and from your office is common and the weather can be unpredictable.  There is a solution, take your leather shoes to your local cobbler or dry cleaner (if they offer shoe restoration and have them repaired with a new rubber sole fitted).  Along with having your shoes rejuvenated, your socks and feet will no longer get wet when it rains.  Additionally, women’s and men’s heels can easily be repaired so you no longer hear the click of the heel on tiles or on the road when the rubber heel has worn through.

Other services that your cobbler or shoe restoration service outlet can offer, include recolouring of your leather favourites or cleaning and repair of suede shoes.

The team at Laundry Box are pleased to offer customers a convenient shoe restoration service, while also dropping off your items to the dry cleaners.  Laundry box are dry cleaning specialists so call or email to arrange your shoe repairs or rejuvenation anytime between Monday and Sunday- as we are open every day! You can visit them at: or give us a call on 03-9077-5682 to discuss your shoe repair or dry cleaner requirements.

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