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Business Shirt Service


Laundry Box offer a Business Shirt Service for busy people and those who want to claim back their weekends. All business shirts are thoroughly cleaned and professionally ironed before being returned to our customers. We pay special attention to any collar, underarm or general stains as part of the service. Our Business Shirt Service utilises Eco-friendly cleaning agents that won’t harm you, your family, your shirts or the environment.

Dry Cleaner Business Shirt Service - Laundry Box

Stubborn Stain Treatment


Laundry Box understands the value of a clean, well pressed Business Shirt to look good and feel great so we aim to return your shirts stain free and cleaner than ever before, using environmentally friendly techniques to remove most stains and soiled areas.

Our Business Shirt Cleaning specialists will pre-treat any hard to manage areas of the shirts including collars and underarms. Laundry Box will listen to your needs and are happy to make any necessary button or other repairs before your shirts are cleaned and returned.

We gladly offer a same day Business Shirt Dry Cleaning Service with 5 shirts for only $25.

2 Hour Dry to Dry Cleaning

Wash, Dry & Fold with Optional Iron


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