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Doona & Pillow Cleaning Service


Our Doona and Pillow cleaning service is a convenient way to have your doonas and pillows hygienically, professionally cleaned in a timely manner, no matter the size or care label instructions.  Our environmentally friendly and chemical free doona, pillow and cushion cleaning service, utilises the latest cleaning technologies to ensure your doonas and pillows are returned clean, hygienic and smelling fresh.   Our cleaning plant is fitted with very large cleaning machines that fit doonas, pillows and cushions of all sizes – even Super Kings.  Our modern & technologically advanced cleaning processes are gentle on fabrics allowing Doonas, Pillows and Bed Cushions with delicate fills such as wool, duck, goose and down to be efficiently and safely cleaned.

Feather doona cleaning

Hygienically cleaned


Laundry Box understands the importance of thorough doona and pillow cleaning and the need to have them hygienically cleaned thoroughly to ensure hygiene while preserving their life, colour and appearance.  Regular cleaning of doonas, pillows and cushions helps to reduce the effects of allergies.  We aim to return your doonas, pillows and cushions as soft and clean as possible, using environmentally friendly techniques to remove as much staining and yellowing as possible.
Supported by our cutting edge cleaning equipment, our doona, pillow and cushion cleaning specialists will focus on achieving the best possible results and explain to you the process and likely outcome the treatment will provide. Laundry Box will listen to your needs and are happy to make any small repairs to your doona, rug or cushions before the gentle cleaning process begins.

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Our Dry Cleaning service is Chemical Free