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At Laundry Box, we deliver the highest standard of wedding dress dry cleaning and preservation available in Melbourne, treating each precious gown with meticulous care and attention as if it were our own. We have gained a reputation for cleaning our customers most cherished wedding dresses.

With our specialist experience and revolutionary petrochemicals-free cleaning methods, we can safely care for all gowns with all care labels including ‘Do Not Dry Clean’, tackle the most difficult stains, and hand finish the most delicate materials. Our harsh chemical-free process produces better finish, no unpleasant chemical odours, noticeably cleaner and brighter colours. Our onsite bridal specialist seamstress can also mend, alter or tailor your gown to your exact requirements.

Here are some tips on handling your gown:
1. Avoid trying to remove stains yourself. Spillages should be blotted with a white clean cloth and never rubbed.
2. Avoid spraying perfume directly onto your dress especially if it is silk as this will cause discoloring.
3. To ensure minimum damage to your train hook it up with loops provided.
4. In order to help us obtain the best cleaning results, ensure that you have your dress cleaned as soon as possible but no later than 3 months.
5. Once your dress is cleaned and boxed store your gown in a cool and dry environment. Drastic temperature changes may create moisture around the box causing the dress to oxidise.

The Detailed Stages of Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

After inspecting our gown and we provide you with a detailed report of the condition, the construction and the fabric composition of your gown we will outline the cleaning and finishing process with you, allowing you to address any concerns or ask any questions. Only after we explain the cleaning techniques and the entire finishing process with you do we proceed with the next steps.

Spot Cleaning
Your gown will be thoroughly examined to spot any stains that needs pre-treatment. Each individual spot will be hand cleaned and treated prior to cleaning. The area that usually need the most amount of work is the hemline, and the underarms. Makeup, grease, grass, fake tan and alcohol spills are very common stains we often find – we can safely and effectively remove those with ease.

Once your gown has been hand treated to pristine condition we will proceed with the gentle cleaning. Our method is 100% environmentally safe and friendly, using no toxic chemicals such as PERC, Hydrocarbon, and White Spirits solvent. Leaving no chemical smells as well as brilliant finishes. Any lose buttons, damaged hem and tears will be attended to by our seamstress.

Hand Finishing
All gowns are expertly hand finished using our state of the art Italian equipment with temperature control to handle the most delicate of materials and trims.

Final Inspection
The final stage is to carefully inspect your gown to ensure it has been cleaned and finished to our highest standards. We will invite you back in to inspect your gown and only if you’re 100% satisfied with your gown we will go ahead with preserving your gown.

If you have chosen to preserve your gown, we will be carefully packed into our museum quality acid free box and tissue paper. Our elegant boxes are all equipped with a viewing window, allowing you view your precious gown without having to worry about getting dirt or dust on them. The box and tissue will protect your treasured dress from atmospheric particles and light. This is a safe environment and will protect against discolouring for years to come.

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