No solvents, no liquid silicone, no toxic chemicals

Chemical Free Dry Cleaners


Our Dry to Dry clean process uses natural chemical free and environmentally friendly wet cleaning solutions while protecting our customers, neighbours and employees. We have invested in state of the art Dry to Dry technology which insulates garments and fabric from damage usually caused by water.  Our cleaning process eliminates the use of toxic chemicals used by most conventional dry cleaners. We clean everything that has the Dry clean only symbol in a more gentle way without leaving any toxic chemical residue or smell.  All our cleaning agents are bio-degradable and friendly to the environment. Save money over the longer term with our flexible pricing plans, click for more.

Power and Water


Our investment in the latest Dry to Dry technology ensures our plant limits both power and water consumption. In 2017, we are planning to invest in solar technology to further reduce the power used during our already eco-friendly cleaning processes.

Natural Dry Cleaners



Our customer garments are returned clean, chemical free and in degradable bags that we encourage clients to re-use where possible. To reduce waste and impact on the environment we encourage our customers to bring their hangers back to us for recycling.

Pick-ups & Deliveries


Aligned with our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, Laundry Box has invested in efficient, low emission vans with stop/start technologies while providing Laundry Box customers convenient door to door pick-up and delivery services.

2 Hour Dry to Dry Cleaning

Wash, Dry & Fold with Optional Iron


Wedding dresses and delicates

Leather and Suede

Shoe Repair and Cleaning

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