Reusable Cloth Face Masks help to slow Coronavirus spread

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New evidence has emerged that reusable cloth face masks are helping to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Through research and statistical analysis of the compulsory use of face masks in countries like the U.S., research has been proven that the use of cloth face masks has significantly slowed the spread of COVID-19. The research was conducted and spread rates compared to before and after masks becoming mandatory. The results are positive in that an effective cloth or cotton-based face mask with 3 layers is able to successfully slow the spread of COVID.

The Department of Health and Humans Services have taken steps and published information to assist Melbourne and other regions in New South Wales and Queensland by providing recommendations on the construct of suitable cloth face masks in the war against COVID-19. Their recommendations say that while any face mask is better than none, the most effective cloth face masks have 3 layers, including an outer layer of water-resistant fabric (like polyester, polypropylene or poplin), a middle layer with cotton or polyester blend with the inner layer being a water absorbing cotton or cotton blend. An effective COVID-19 PPE face mask’s ear loops are typically made of a soft elastic that grip around the ears, ensuring the mask holds firmly to the face.

Daily care instructions include thoroughly machine or hand washing your mask and pressing them with a hot iron to ensure your mask is clean and free from bacteria. Its best to have multiple masks for both adults and children so they can be correctly washed, dried to ensure they are bacteria free.

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Make sure to stay COVID safe during this challenging time.

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