Why buy Australian Made Face Masks?

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We often have customers asking us, can you please confirm that your masks are Australian Made Face Masks? With the devastation of COVID-19 gripping the world and Australia it has been a time for local communities to stop and think about where they are buying products from. Trends are already showing that Australians are becoming more inclined to buy Australian made when they can.
Additionally, many predictions are being made that manufacturing is and will continue to restart on Australian shores during and post the Coronavirus pandemic as citizens realise the importance of being able to locally produce our own goods and services while supporting the growth of local jobs and businesses.

Prior to COVID-19 Laundry Box Organic Dry Cleaners were altering and producing some garments for customers however as the pandemic gripped our local Melbourne economy we were overwhelmed by the requests to make reusable Australian Made face masks to the DHHS Guidelines. Having already a strong pedigree in clothing production, our team quickly increased production and we are now making more than 1,200 reusable Australian Made Face Masks a day. This has helped to keep our team busy and employed during the Stage 3 & Stage 4 lock-down periods in Melbourne. The team also feel a sense of pride that they are doing their bit to help keep Melbourne and Australian communities that bit safer during this challenging time.

Should you want buy an Australian made face masks while supporting local jobs and a local Australian business then please check out our range at: https://laundrybox.com.au/hand-made-reusable-face-masks-melbourne/

Laundry Box is proudly hand crafting a comprehensive range of Women’s, Men’s, Designer and Children’s 3 layer reusable Australian Made Face Masks. The Laundry Box team also have wholesale options available for businesses and/or retailers who are looking to sell designer face masks or provide them in bulk to their employees. A link to the bulk purchase or wholesale designer face mask page can be found here: https://laundrybox.com.au/wholesale-face-masks/

Make sure you and your family stay COVID safe during this challenging time and please wear a face mask and follow all other social distancing and hygiene advice where appropriate.

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